• Image of Our League, Our Country (Notre Ligue, Notre Pays)
  • Image of Our League, Our Country (Notre Ligue, Notre Pays)
  • Image of Our League, Our Country (Notre Ligue, Notre Pays)

Renowned as the preeminent coffee table book about the three-down game, “Our League, Our Country” takes readers on a unique, coast-to-coast journey, connecting the players, coaches and fans of the Canadian Football League.

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“Our League, Our Country” captures the flavour of the game, its traditions, its people and their stories in each of the CFL markets. The all-access ride is truly Canadiana, delivering on so much of what makes the historic league distinct – from local game-day rituals, to deep-rooted rivalries and how families and friends have a united bond with their favourite teams.

Through the course of an entire football season, photographer Johany Jutras was granted access where nobody had gone before: within the walls of team locker rooms and training facilities; inside coaches offices and meeting rooms;
atop the packed stadiums across the country.

Included in each chapter, from each CFL city, is a featured text from a renowned, local football writer on what the game means to that city.
(Herb Zurkowsky, Matthieu Proulx, Don Campbell, Mike Sutherland, Duane Forde, Don Landry, Bob Irving, Darrell Davis, Ian Busby, Terry Jones, Lowell Ullrich and Arash Madani)

Never before has a book gone on a journey from Montreal to Vancouver – and all points in between – to immortalize what makes the CFL the heartbeat of Canadian sport.

In “Our League, Our Country,” you’ll feel the emotion, competition and community, which separate the CFL from any other.

124-pages, Hardcover Book
by Johany Jutras (self-published)